The Genius Brand Genius Pro-GT 30 Veggie Caps


Genius Pro-GT 30 Veggie Caps

  • BREAKTHROUGH PROBIOTIC METABOLISM BOOSTER – Infused with an elite form of bioavailability enhanced green tea extract, not only does PRO-GT deliver as a highly effective digestive enzyme, it also is a proven metabolism booster.*
  • STOMACH SLIMMING DIGESTIVE HEALTH – Looking for an organic belly fat burner? By aiding your digestive tract our probiotics aim to reduce general bloating while also helping with gas & general stomach discomfort.*
  • SKIN CARE AND BEAUTY ENHANCER SUPPLEMENT - In addition to it’s slimming properties Morinaga improved trans-epidermal skin hydration and epidermal thickening; making it a popular choice for women wanting healthier skin.*
  • DAILY WELLNESS FOR MEN AND WOMEN - The health benefits are countless, rich in antioxidants and proven by science, this is a shelf stable probiotic that works; Each 30 day supply makes for better gut health and a healthier you.*
  • CHOLESTEROL LOWERING GREEN TEA FAT BURNER - Our Greenselect Phytosome extract provides greater bioavailability and has been tested in clinical studies; showing to be an effective natural metabolism booster.*

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