ATP Science Cort RX 90 Caps


Cort RX 90 Caps

The definition of stress is anything that creates a change in our body. Initially designed for life-threatening stress like being attacked by a predator, temperature extremes, poisons, and venoms etc. You can’t afford to wait to see what the stress is so you can shoot first and ask questions later just in case it is life-threatening. Now that our body is exposed to other stresses such as work life, social interactions, phones, behavior and rules, wi-fi, electromagnetic radiation, phones, toxins, pollution, chemicals, phones and so many more we are learning every day are adding burden to our body. Initiating innate survival techniques in response to the change.


If we’re getting chased by a tiger; massive amounts of adrenalin and cortisol would have been released by the body so we could (hopefully) outrun or outfight the beast. If we didn’t have that response, we would have been the big cat’s lunch; and of course, then not had a chance to make babies. This is partly why there are so many people suffering from stress in the world. You inherited a survival technique that is ideal for surviving acute life-threatening stress but may not be the most efficient way to deal with a troll, a text, bills, public speaking, crowds, or that boss on your back.

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