Reflex Nutrition Vitamin D3 100 Caps


Vitamin D3 100 Caps

Vitamin D3 is needed by the body to maintain proper function of the muscles and the immune system. It also helps to maintain healthy bones and teeth! 

Known as the sunshine vitamin as Vitamin D is something you get when your skin is exposed to sunlight, it is vital you keep your body topped up, especially in the winter when there is less sunlight. Studies show that Vitamin D3 is more beneficial for our health than Vitamin D2. Each capsule of Reflex Nutrition’s Vitamin D3 provides 50 µg / 2000 IU† Vitamin D3.


What are the benefits? 

Contributes to normal muscle function

Aids bone health

Helps maintain normal immune system function

Increases absorption of calcium

Vitamin D3 is higher quality than the widely used D2, which is proven to be of significantly less biological value.

Contains 50 micrograms of Vitamin D3 (equivalent to 2000IU).

Manufactured in the UK


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