Trained By JP Halcyon 120 Capsules


Halcyon 120 Capsules

Halcyon is our cortisol lowering, anti-stress formula.

We have combined the most researched ingredients that are backed by science to be effective at bringing calm and lowering cortisol.

We use patented KSM66 ashwagandha. This is pharmacy grade, and one of the most effective ingredients available for helping control stress. We combined this with, Theanine and two variations of magnesium, as the combination has been shown to be most effective for stress relief.

We use halcyon after all training sessions, to immediately promote recovery. Making progress is all about efficient recovery, and being as relaxed as possible after training helps the whole process hugely.

We also use Halcyon on stressful workdays. Theanine is often prescribed by physicians to aid in anxiety-related issues, to help people stay calm. This makes halcyon the perfect tool for any hard day

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