Redcon1 War Zone 90 Caps


War Zone 90 Caps

Redcon1 is the most innovative sports nutrition brand, and they take muscle building supplements very seriously. RC1 are constantly looking for the most groundbreaking ingredients to support the body’s muscle building potential. And they’ve done it again with WAR ZONE.

WAR ZONE is a plant-based muscle building formula that includes 500mg Beta Ecdysterone, 500mg L- Leucine and 40 mcg Vitamin D and helps put the body into a muscle building state. WAR ZONE helps pack on lean muscle and strength when taken with a protein-rich diet and combined with resistance training.

Ecdysterone is a naturally occurring compound that comes from in the tropical plant Cyanotis vaga is found in many insects and other plants such as spinach and quinoa. This ingredient supports many processes within the body and has a key role in balancing nitrogen in the body, increasing lean muscle mass and enhancing endurance and performance.

L-Leucine is an essential amino acid, one of the three, branched chain amino acids, and is critical for protein synthesis and muscle repair and recovery. Leucine is arguably the most important BCAA, and it is involved in initiating protein synthesis and is necessary for the body to utilize all other amino acids. Essentially, leucine helps create a muscle building environment in the body.

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