Relentless FOCUS 30 x 1 Serving Packets


FOCUS 30 x 1 Serving Packets

Modern life is full of phone apps, social media noise, and open floor office layouts. Your headphones can only filter out so much, because external distractions often pale in comparison to the internal thoughts that take your mind off the tasks that truly matter.

Then you’ll have days where you’re just off - where it feels like you can’t quite turn your brain on. Maybe it was a poor night’s sleep, or you’ve had a stressful week and feel burned out.

Distractions aren’t always bad - letting your mind wander is often healthy. But sometimes, you need to lock in and perform at your best. Sometimes a distraction sets you back, and unfortunately, you’re never going to get that time back.

Relentless Focus helps you cut through all of the noise, perform at your mental peak, and make the most of the time you’ve dedicated to your task - whatever it might be. Maybe you have a big presentation at work, or a complex spreadsheet to build. Or maybe you want to get locked in for a pickup basketball game, or focus better at the gym. We created Relentless Focus to help give you the mental boost you need.

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