Maximuscle Cyclone 1.2kg


Cyclone 1.2kg

Maximuscle Cyclone is the UK’s number 1 All-in-one protein powder for strength. It has been formulated with scientifically led ingredients and a specific focus on providing you the very best to support your power and strength that enables you to reach #yourMAX.

Cyclone all-in-one powder contains a whey protein blend of whey protein isolate (54%), whey protein concentrate (43%) and whey protein hydrolysate (3%) which all combine to influence the taste and texture whilst delivering 31-32g of protein per serving (depending on the flavour).

Maximuscle's blended Cyclone all-in-one powder is a low fat, low sugar, high protein shake designed to support muscle growth and strength.

  • The World's Greatest All-in-One Protein Powder Just Got Even Better!
  • More Protein in Every Serving - now 31-32g per 60g of Cyclone, with 21 Servings per Tub
  • Improved Protein Blend (54% Whey Protein Isolate) to Support Muscle Growth and Strength
  • Less Calories, Less Fat and Less Sugar* than Ever Before *Vanilla and Chocolate Flavours
  • 5g Creatine Monohydrate in each Serving
  • Each serving has 1.6 g Calcium HMB and 2.5mg of Zinc also with added Glutamine




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