Kaged Muscle Plantein 527g


Plantein 527g

Most plant proteins taste terrible. They’re gritty, low-quality, and often fail to provide athletes with adequate protein and amino acids to fuel their muscle growth and recovery. We made it our mission to change that. One of the best tasting and most complete plant protein formulas available anywhere, Plantein™ sets a new standard for plant-based performance nutrition, and it’s going to change the way you think about vegan protein.

Forget the bro-science that says you can’t build muscle and strength with plant protein – real science says otherwise. While most vegan proteins average 40%-70% total protein content, the pea protein isolate in Plantein has 86% – one of the highest protein contents of all plant proteins. This premium pea protein also delivers key muscle-protein synthesis driving amino acid leucine at a level more comparable to whey than standard pea proteins.

Preliminary research on 10 male lifters consuming 25 grams of pea protein treated with Ingredient Optimized® technology showed comparable amino acid bioavailability to whey protein, including the most important amino acids for promoting muscle protein synthesis: leucine, BCAAs and EAAs. In short: There was no meaningful difference in performance between the pea protein in Plantein and whey protein.

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