Yamamoto Nutrition Shurakhan 200g


Shurakhan 200g

ShuraKHAN® - New generation pre-workout. It is not the usual pre-workout of amino acids and stimulants. It is a new concept of intending explosive energy, bullying and focus during training.

200 grams


Mean analysis


Per dose 2,5 scoops (12 g)

 Per dose (12 g)
Citrulline sick2.9 g
Beta alanine2.0 g
Propionyl L-carnitine HCl
of which carnitine
1.6 g
1.0 g
Glycerol (GlycerolMax ™)1 g
L-Alanyl L-Glutamine (Sustamine®)750 mg
Citicoline (Cognizin®)250 mg
Reduced L-Glutathione (Setria®)200 mg
Beetroot extract500 mg
Rodiola extract200 mg

* RI= Reference intake

Ingredients: L-citrulline DL-malate, beta alanine, propionyl L-carnitine hydrochloride, glycerol powder (GlyceroMax ™),  anti-caking agents: silicon dioxide, calcium phosphate; L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine (Sustamine®), red beet (Beta vulgaris L.) root es, flavorings, Citicoline (Cognizin®), fructose, L-Glutathione Reduced (Setria®), rhodiola (Rhodiola rosea L.) es root, sweeteners: acesulfame K, sucralose.

Sustamine® Cognizin® Setria® are registered trademarks of KYOWA HAKKO BIO CO., LTD.
GlyceroMax ™ is a trademark of GLAMBIA PLC.

How to use: add 2,5 scoops (about 12 g) in 200 ml of water and take once a day, preferably before training.

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