Trained By JP PREpare Pro 40 Servings


PREpare is back and better than ever!

tbJP has made a few tweaks to their pre-workout PREpare.

tbJp has slightly increased the dose of caffeine and alpha GPC, and has added Rednite for outrageous pumps! This is coming from patented beetroot, a powerful nitrate which raises nitric oxide in the body, and also from the incredibly effective Raw S7 , which further increases our own nitric oxide production. The synergy of Rednite and S7 is profound.

PREpare still has fermented free-form citrulline as well as Glycersize and Nitrosigine, which in our opinion are a must in any pump product.

tbJP has also kept in huperzine, which works superbly well in conjunction with caffeine and alpha GPC to create extreme focus.

For the final change, tbJP has used stevia for our new red slushy flavour. You won’t see very many stevia pre workouts on the market, but we know that over consumption of sucralose can disrupt digestion, so reducing sucralose intake as much as possible is a smart move! 

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