Supplement Needs Pre Stim+ 30 Servings


Pre Stim+ 30 Servings

Supplement Needs bring you their very own high stim pre workout formula developed by Dr Dean St Mart as part of his trifecta series. It’s also completely caffeine free! The Pre Stim+ is here! 

Here are some words from the man himself;

"Another piece to the PRE trifecta. As you have seen Pump + is stimulant free, Focus + has the caffeine and nootropic goods but what about those that like to get off their face before an intense session?"

As with the other 2 PRE+ products, I wanted to give people the chance to mix and match depending on their preferences. Pre Stim+ is caffeine free and loaded with 6 ingredients designed to stimulate your mind without the intense crash of a high caffeine product but strong enough to stand on its own.

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