Revive MD Heart 90 Veggie Caps


Heart 90 Veggie Caps

The heart is one of the body’s most important muscles. Unfortunately, stress on the heart increases with time due to lifestyle choices, environmental factors, genetics, and aging – potentially leading to heart failure.

Heart failure affects both the young and old. It is the leading cause of hospitalizations and mortality in older adults2. Once heart failure begins to develop, mortality increases at a dramatic rate – rising with age1. At Revive, they believe it is never too early to start taking care of your heart. That is why Revive developed their signature HEART formula.

Cardiotonics are compounds used to support contraction of the heart muscle. Revive's HEART supplement is made with 5 different ingredients possessing cardiotonic properties, as well as vitamins that are crucial for cardiovascular health. Together, the ingredients in Revive's HEART capsules provide a comprehensive profile to support heart muscle function and health.

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