Revive MD Daily Greens Powder 30 Servings


Daily Greens Powder 30 Servings

After great success and positive feedback of Revive MD's Daily Greens formula, they went back and created something with an even better overall nutrient profile. They have increased the micronutrient content by including a variety of fresh and organic fruit and vegetable powders. In addition, they added ground flaxseed and chia seeds for extra fiber and prebiotic inulin and probiotics to improve digestive health, while still providing fully transparent labeling.


Daily use of Revive MD's Daily Greens formula provides all the beneficial nutrients from plant-based ingredients to support a healthy and balanced diet. Each scoop contains a “superfood” blend rich in antioxidants and powerful plant-based nutrients to help lower inflammation, support digestion and boost energy levels. This complete formula helps support antioxidant activity and can help protect the body from cellular stress.

Revive MD's Daily Greens superfood powder has been formulated for those with diets low in fruits and vegetables.  If your daily intake of fruits and vegetables is lower than the recommended amount, this supplement is for you. Daily use of this naturally-derived formula helps increase fiber intake, and serves as a high ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) blend.

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