Extreme Labs Ab Sling One Size


Ab Sling One Size

Blast your abs with an Extreme Labs Ab Sling!

These high quality ab slings support your body whilst you do leg raises, hanging crunches and wind screen wipers allowing you to focus on squeezing those abs and chiselling that perfect physique.

The extra support means that you can introduce new movements to your workout to really zone in on the target areas and help you achieve a tight, toned, muscular core.

As with all Extreme Labs accessories, these are built to last from heavy-duty material coated in durable PVC and Nylon webbing and with enough padding to make them comfortable to use whatever exercise you are doing with them.

A robust, oversized, carabiner clip with screw lock adds safety and security so you can take your training to the EXTREME confidently and safely.

The Extreme Labs Ab Sling can be used on crossovers, chin bars, smith machines, and any other other piece of equipment suitable for chin ups/ pull ups.

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