MyProtein Vegan Sparkling Protein Water 6x330ml


Vegan Sparkling Protein Water 6x330ml

Vegan Sparkling Protein Water is a game-changing vegan sparkling protein water and a refreshing alternative to classic protein shakes.

Utilising the latest innovative technology, that we harnessed in our Clear Vegan Protein, we’ve created a plant-based carbonated sparkling water with added fruit juice, no artificial flavours, colours and the added benefit B vitamins including pantothenic acid (B5) which supports mental performance,1 and thiamine (B1) for normal function of your heart.2

And, if that wasn’t sweet enough our super-convenient Vegan Sparkling Protein Water comes in a 330ml Can, which is 100% recyclable.


  • 6g of protein, to support muscle maintenance, growth and development.3
  • With zero fat and sugar
  • No artificial flavours or colours,
  • With added fruit juice

Nutritional Information

 Per 100mlPer Serving
Energy42kJ / 10kcal139kJ / 33kcal
 of which saturates0g0g
 of which sugars0g0g

Active Ingredients

Natural Caffeine (From Coffee Extract)25mg83mg
Guarana Seed Extract4.0mg13mg
Niacin2.4mg (15%*)8.0mg (50%*)
Pantothenic Acid0.91mg (15%*)3.0mg (50%*)
Riboflavin0.21mg (15%*)0.69mg (49%*)
Vitamin B60.21mg (15%*)0.69mg (49%*)
Thiamin0.17mg (15%*)0.56mg (51%*)
Folic Acid30μg (15%*)99μg (50%*)
Biotin7.6μg (15%*)25μg (50%*)
Vitamin B120.39μg (16%*)1.3μg (52%*)

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