Redcon1 FUBAR Energy Shots 12 x 88.7ml


FUBAR Energy Shots 12 x 88.7ml

  • ✅ BIGGER than anything on the market
  • ✅ BETTER packed with twice the caffeine
  • ✅ LESS EXPENSIVE than competitors



Every FUBAR shot packs 400 mg of Caffeine per bottle. FUBAR contains the vitamins and electrolytes needed for lasting energy, plus a uniquely crafted Neuro Blend designed to enhance mental performance and focus, like no other energy shot! BONUS: Every FUBAR shot comes marks a half serving if you're only looking for half the caffeine!



FUBAR comes in 3 mouthwatering flavors, Orange Crush, Cherry Lime, and Blue Raspberry, all with Zero Calories and Zero Sugar.



FUBAR puts its flag in the ground with the strong message that the energy shot industry is going to experience the most innovative, hard-hitting formula it's ever seen.



Following the traditional REDCON1 Military branding, FUBAR's packaging was designed to look like a shotgun shell to signify that you should always be armed and ready for anything and everything the day throws at you.

It's exactly what you need to fuel your day. You don't need coffee or an energy shot that is going to provide you with an hour or two of energy. You need the hard-hitting, long-lasting energy that transforms you beyond recognition. The type of energy that makes others jealous. But in addition to energy, you need laser focus so you can be fully present in your day and be more productive than you ever thought possible.

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