Skinny Food Co Barista Zero Calorie Coffee Syrup 1 Litre


Barista Zero Calorie Coffee Syrup 1 Litre

Our Barista range is designed to be added to hot drinks such as Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate and is also great on fruit, baking, shakes, mixers and desserts.

These are much thinner than our Skinny Syrups and are better to mix into the liquid than the Skinny Syrups are.

- Gluten-Free
- Fat-Free
- Zero Calorie 
- Vegan Friendly
- Sugar-Free
- Suitable for Diabetics, Children, Keto

Shake well before use. For Coffee add approx 15 ml to every 200ml of liquid.

Nutritional Information for Butterscotch Flavour other flavours may vary.

Same day Delivery for orders placed before 03:00 pm on week days.