Vitargo + Electrolyte 2 Kg


Vitargo - + Electrolyte 2 Kg

Endurance sports entail high levels of energy and perspiration. You don't want to find yourself quitting midway through your race or in-between reps because of lack of energy or dehydration.

Vitargo + Electrolyte is a one-of-a-kind supplement specifically designed for endurance athletes and high-intensity athletes, which provides your body with a synergistic combination of Vitargo, a patented carbohydrate, and the 4 electrolyte minerals.

Vitargo is a patented carbohydrate that leaves all other types of carbohydrates behind when it comes to absorption. It's designed to quickly pass through the stomach and get absorbed right away so you can replenish glycogen levels a whole lot faster. What's great about Vitargo is that, unlike regular sports drinks, it doesn't cause bloating and stomach cramps that are detrimental to your athletic performance.

Vitargo + Electrolyte keeps you going the extra mile by adding the fundamental 4 electrolyte minerals Sodium, Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium to its formula. These minerals are lost during exercise through sweat and perspiration, and if left unchecked you can easily fall prey to dehydration and its negative effects to your performance.

This high-performance supplement is favoured by athletes all around the world because of its ability to both prevent dehydration and deliver easily accessible muscle energy.

Perform at your peak and trust Vitargo + Electrolyte to serve as your backup.


  • 100% Vitargo
  • Better than maltodextrine and dextrose
  • Top quality minerals added
  • Rapid stomach emptying - quick energy

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