MAX Protein Max Sac Oatmeal 3Kg


Max Sac Oatmeal 3Kg

Max Protein Oatmeal by American Classic is the authentic oatmeal, a supplement for athletes of high nutritional value that helps build muscle and boost energy, improving athletic performance in training or competition. Oatmeal as a supplement is an excellent source of energy, especially for people who have a very active life and play sports with great physical exhaustion. This supplement stimulates protein synthesis promoting the development of muscle mass and preventing muscle breakdown while promoting athlete's good health. It is an excellent body cleanser, promotes the elimination of toxins and helps to lose weight because it has a high fibre content and a diuretic and anti-constipation effect. Scientific studies have proven that it provides a feeling of satiety that inhibits the urge to eat what is out of the diet at inappropriate times and eliminate "binge eating syndrome".

Nutritional Facts

Net quantity: 3000 

Serving Size: 100 

Servings per container: 30

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