Yamamoto Nutrition GlycoBol 500g


GlycoBol 500g

Yamamoto Nutrition® presents GlycoBol®. GlycoBol® is a dietary supplement recommended for athletes who participate in intense and prolonged physical activities.

Yamamoto® Nutrition uses only the original CLUSTER DEXTRIN™ 100% Made in Japan.

Carbohydrates contribute to the recovery of normal muscle function (contraction) after strenuous and/ or prolonged exercise involving muscle fatigue and depletion of glycogen stores in skeletal muscle.

This new class of carbohydrate-based supplements, defined as "designer glucose polymers" or highly branched cyclodextrins (HBCD), are a the next evolutionary step for the various carbohydrate-based products on the market.


HBCD are a new type of glucose polymers that are made by the reaction between waxy maize and a particular enzyme, forming a cyclical structure.

The result is a glucose polymer with ideal properties: for instance, an average molecular weight of 160,000 Da with very low osmolality, and therefore very rapid gastric emptying.

In the last ten years or so there have been many discoveries, including the emergence of myriad supplements specifically for "pre-workouts". Right now we are in the era of pre-workout products with a stimulating effect due to nitric oxide, which are very popular because of their marked effect on muscle pumping as well as focus (for those with stimulant substances).

Talking about products with clear usefulness that have met with my approval in recent years, I would definitely include high molecular weight carbohydrate among the "priorities" for sports supplements.

If I remember correctly, "Vitargo" appeared in 2002-2003. This is a carbohydrate with an articulated chain of glucose molecules derived from potato starch, and was immediately followed by the less expensive equivalent "Waxy maize" (derived from corn).

These glucose polymers with branched structures have unique characteristics that have put aside the "carbohydrate" par excellence, namely glucose, and gone on to strengthen its concept and effectiveness with increasingly improving carbohydrate-based drinks for training sessions.

But let's see what's behind all this, as well what is appearing over the horizon!


New horizons

The new class of carbohydrate-based supplements called "designer glucose polymers", i.e. the highly branched cyclodextrins (HBCD), are intended as a further evolution of existing products Vitargo, Waxy maize and karbolyn.

At present, there are still few companies (at least at the highest quality level) that have focused on this particular source, but the hype it is causing is truly interesting and well-founded.

A few years ago, I myself was quite intrigued to see two of my mentors support cyclodextrins during training in every situation, from the growth phase up to pre-contest stages.

Some big brand names followed, and on the US market, where they have been sold for some time now, they proved very successful because of their speed and their efficiency in terms of absorption and use. As they do not cause gastrointestinal disorders or dehydration problems, they also offer an option for those who couldn't tolerate other types of carbohydrates.


Why use intra-workout carbohydrates?

Let's take a much needed step back to clarify.

Why use liquid carbohydrates during a training session?

The patron of this theory in the world of body building was Milos Sarcev, who firmly believed in a mash up of carbohydrates, isolates, various amino acids and a number of other elements to be taken during a workout when muscle hyperaemia was much higher than physiological baseline levels. As such, it exploited the pump and the insulin rush to get to the active parts of the muscles, which need oxygenated blood and nutrients.

Developing Sarcev's old theory, various factors were optimised (and its foundational basis confirmed) which in turn led to the optimisation of the components of the drink, so that the absorption times and even the effectiveness were significantly improved. The typical disturbing effects caused by glucose were practically eliminated (especially in large quantities and/or if only slightly diluted).

And so it was.

Thanks to the glucose polymers, in combination with a dose of protein and amino acids, this encourages rapid gastric emptying and equally fast intestinal absorption of glucose, which is then quickly released in the stream of emotion.

In addition, we get a powerful combination contrasting with the catabolism generated in training, precisely because of the unique feature of low osmolarity, which offers great support for cell hydration (the hydrated cell is an anabolic cell) and does not cause dehydration due to boost of fluid in the stomach and intestines, with appreciable effects on recovery and adaptation.

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