1 Up Nutrition Tri-Carb 780g


Tri-Carb 780g

  • Low glycemic & low Insulinemic recovery Carbs 
  • Complex high molecular weight carbs 
  • Promotes enhanced gastric emptying & Low osmotic pressure 
  • Fortified with Insulin Modulators 
  • Fueled with Electrolytes 


When to take it and Why 

Mix Tri-Carb with 10 -12 oz. cold water or any other drink/shake. 


Drink it 30 minutes prior to physical activity to ensure maximum performance, endurance, volumization and hydration. 


Drink Tri-Carb during workout to sustain intensity, muscle energy and to supercharge muscle size and pump. 


Drink Tri-Carb immediately following intense training, to accelerate the uptake of glycogen and muscle building nutrients into muscle cells to fuel maximum growth and recovery. 

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