FortiFX isn’t just a brand, it’s also a story. To better understand this, you must know a little bit about the founder. Sean Perich started making protein cookies in his one-bedroom apartment in the year 2000. For the past eighteen years, Sean has been formulating the best protein bars in the world. 7 years ago, he made his first half granola half protein bar and has been anxious to launch it since. Within the past couple years, advancements in Sean’s businesses have allowed him to finally take FortiFX to market.

Multi-layered bars, with the perfect sweet 'n salty from the GRANOLA inclusions! There is no denying the delicious super sweet flavours going on in these bars, however the granola studded throughout the glaze gives the perfect balance! There's no denying there is a lot going on in these awesome bars, soft and fresh and the granola inclusions.


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