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Sustain is our elite, intra workout carbohydrate powder.

It is ideal for all hard training sessions and sporting events, when the physical demand of the session or match is extremely high, long in duration, or extended over a day.

The carbohydrate source is patented cyclic dextrin, which is digests extremely well, even in those with sensitive stomachs.

Alongside the cyclic dextrin, we use pharmacy grade Kyowa Citrulline. This is the highest quality citrulline available on the market.

To aid in cellular hydration and recovery, they have used Sustamine, a pharmacy grade version of Alanyl L glutamine.

Sustain also contains a perfect blend of electrolytes and alpha-lipoic acid to aid in carbohydrate uptake and rehydration.

For larger individuals, it's advised 2 servings across a session or event.

When performing multiple games over a day, it's advised to take 3-4 servings spread evenly throughout the duration to aid in performance.

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