Ghost Bcaa 30 Serving


BCAA 30 Serving

Although traditionally taken during a workout or intense training session, GHOST® BCAA can be enjoyed around the clock as a phenomenal performance alternative to sugary sports drinks or juices.


GHOST® Full Disclosure Label

6G 2:1:1 BCAAs

Astragin® for absorption

Instantized for superior solubility

GHOST® Full Disclosure Label

All GHOST® products feature a 100% transparent label that fully discloses the dose of each active ingredient. Zero proprietary blends means you know what you’re getting in each and every scoop.



GHOST® BCAA delivers a massive 6G 2:1:1 BCAAs (3000MG Leucine, 1500MG Isoleucine and 1500MG Valine) per scoop.



Astragin® works to help improve your body's ability to absorb key amino acids, proteins and other words, Astragin® ensures you're getting maximum benefit from every scoop of GHOST® BCAA.

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